If you are looking for an exciting new career path in the mining industry, then perhaps Cuyuni Gold is for you. Below is a list of all positions currently available:


Administrative Clerk


Camp manager

Mechanic/ welder

Excavator operator





Maintenance plumbing, carpentry, electrical

Transportation workers

Corporate Development Group:

Cross functional department which exits at the corporate level and reports to the board of directors. Responsible for co-ordinating and leveraging intellectual capital between all services involved with:

Operational Management

  • Coordinate exploration efforts with local geologists and senior directorship
  • To ensure that objectives and goals are met on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.
  • To communicate all exploration results from the project quickly and effectively.
  • Coordinate all equipment to necessary to explore to project sites.
  • Assist in the planning of scheduling personnel as necessary.
  • Coordinate the building of camp sites and ensure that survival essentials are met
  • Ensure that camp personnel are compliant with Health and Safety plan.
  • Attend site on an as-required basis, and contribute to developing the relationship between the project and operations as well as provide coverage/ input to site management, reviews and investigations.
  • Maintains a personal standard of Client Service excellence promoting integrity, consistency, company core values, diversity, and fairness for; all employees, subcontractors, vendors, and project participants.
  • Manages and controls project cost, schedule, and minimizes all Non-reimbursable costs.
  • Resolve disputed project charges.
  • Review and analyze monthly financial reports to identify potential cost control issues.
  • Assist in the control over the maintenance of costs by mining, processing, and G & A departments
  • Interact with relevant department managers in the review of their cost reports and facilitate their understanding of costs charged to their departments.
  • Assist the department and project managers with understanding their actual expenditures versus budgeted and forecasts.
  • Establish and monitor project controls for assigned projects. Develop forecast spending.
  • Provide project management support for contracts, sub-contracts and change management.
  • Monitor performance and swiftly address issues regarding cost control functions and established project budget.
  • Ensure that the department and project managers receive relevant and timely financial information.

Develops and implements management, planning, and cost control systems consistent with the requirements of the contract and the company’s policies.

  • Establishes and maintains communications to ensure the accurate and timely flow of information.
  • Remains alert to means and methods by which the operations of the project team may be improved as well as recommending revisions to the operating plan and detailed functioning of the task force, when appropriate.
  • Prepares weekly reports for the project to keep Sr. Management informed of construction progress and the status of costs and schedule as related to the budgets and previous forecasts.
  • Lead the recruitment of the local mine management team.
  • Coordinate Travel arrangements for management personnel.


Strategic  Planning


  • Develops and coordinates a constructability review program during the engineering and construction phases of a project.
  • Develops a business continuity plan to manage the site.
  • Consistently monitor and review trends and variations in project scope, quality and performance against budgeted expenditure and schedule.
  • Develops a construction staffing plan in cooperation with all company department supervisors, corporate construction management, and the Client
  • Work towards advancing this project to the feasibility phase.
  • Participate in the execution and evolution of the company’s global social responsibility strategy and community development process.
  • Provide management with the appropriate information for various “what if” scenarios.
  • Interact with relevant department managers in the review of their cost reports and facilitate their understanding of costs charged to their departments.

Social Responsibility

  • In conjunction with the Client, develops and maintains a harmonious and interactive relationship with the local community.
  • Support the development and management of stakeholder engagement initiatives that address company wide needs. Support the development of mutually beneficial relationships with community partners and key leaders, and monitor and respond to community inquiries, requests, concerns and or questions.
  • Manage special projects that advance sustainable development, social responsibility and community programs across the Canadian and Guyanese regions.
  • Support the development, implementation and monitoring of site community relations plans.

Solutions and innovation

  • Provide input to and assist in business line planning, short and long term forecasting; budget preparation and performance measures.
  • Identifies and evaluates items that constitute an increase or decrease in schedule or costs and reviewing and initiating deviation notices and change orders, as required.
  • Assist department and project managers with weekly, monthly and annual operations reports.

Discovery and Development

Appraises the functional department managers regarding the performance of project team members who are under the supervision of the Construction Director.

Advises management regarding developments that could affect project profit, schedule, costs, client relations, and interdepartmental or inter-divisional relations.

Ensure that exploration coincides with environmental policies of Guyana

Interact with relevant department managers in the review of their cost reports and facilitate their understanding of costs charged to their departments