Management Team

Mark Goorwah


Mark Goorwah has been educated by the University of Toronto both in management and in economics. He has successfully built and operated seven different ventures within Toronto, Canada. This has helped to grow various business connections and has led Mark back to his roots where he could soundly represent his heritage, by developing industries of interest within Guyana and introduce them to World markets. Mark Goorwah excels in business management and has the expertise to meet deliverables in an organized and timely manner. His experience in entrepreneurship gives him the insight and knowledge needed to understand the lifestyle, expectations and behavior of the decision makers in the business World.

Basil Awan

Marketing Director

Basil Awan has been educated at the University of Toronto, where he completed a bachelor degree in business administration, specializing in management and a majoring in economics. Basil has over 10 years experience working in a major international bank (Tangerine formally known as ING Direct Canada), where he has gained both general knowledge of the banking and financial industry, as well as specific experience within the marketing department, specializing in product process improvement. Over the tenure of his positions, Basil has received a green belt certification in lean six sigma business management strategy, which he applies in his daily work activities.

Majeed Hussain

Country Manager/Corporate Secretary

Majeed Hussain has been educated at the University of Guyana in Public Management. He has been involved in Organisational work for more than  20 years, managing projects and activities in the rural and urban areas of Guyana. He has been associated with the mining industry, with experience in the start-up operation of Omai Gold Mines. As someone who has immense knowledge of the social and cultural diversity of Guyana, he has done a lot of Community and Volunteer work amongst the Indigenous people of Guyana in various Mining communities of Guyana. He possesses proven ability and knowledge in logistic, community relationship, the mining industry, its laws and regulation. A self-driven individual, with high motivational skills he has the ability to achieve targets in a timely efficient, effective and organised manner, all within the framework of an organisational structure and policies.

Ravi Thakoordyal

Website Director

Ravi Thakoordyal is an experienced IS/IT professional proficient in delivering quality product to stakeholders both on time and on budget.  He specializes in online experiences and has contributed to the success of major telecommunication providers across Canada for the last 10 years.  Ravi has spent his career working with business partners where he has honed his ability to set and manage expectations on both ends of project delivery.  As a delivery project manager he is accustomed to making difficult decisions, having difficult conversations, and finding amicable solutions to keep a project on track.

Mining Team

Tim Gallagher
Mr. Gallagher is a graduate in commerce from McMaster University, holds a Master of Business Administration from York University and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has been a director or senior officer of a number of public and private companies including Inflection Capital Inc., Xmet Inc. and Xtierra Inc. Previously he was in institutional sales for Loewen Ondaatje McCutcheon and Union Bank of Switzerland (Canada). Mr. Gallagher has assisted a number of companies implement their growth plans primarily through the TSX Venture Exchange Capital Pool Program since 1997.

Charles Beaudry
Mr. Beaudry is a Professional Geologist with over 30 years experience in project generation, business development, exploration chemistry and hands-on project management. Charles previously held the position of General Manager of new business opportunities with IAMGOLD Corporation from 2008 until 2009, after having spent nearly 17 years in various positions for Noranda-Falconbridge-Xstrata, including as country manager of Brazil from 1996 to 2001 and manager of the Frieda River Project from 2005to 2006. Charles holds a Bachelors of Science in Geology from the University of Ottawa and a Masters of Geology from McGill University and is currently President and COO of Xmet Inc., a junior gold exploration company. Charles has broad expertise inmetallogenic modelling, project generation, geochemistry, QAQC, statistics and Six Sigma quality improvement methodologies.

Leith Mingo
Geochemical Lead Geologist
Prometheus Resources Guyana Inc.
As part of the uranium reconnaissance exploration team for Prometheus Resources, my duties entailed assisting the project geologist with prospecting, soil, rock and stream sediment sampling for uranium anomalies within the Roraima Basin and central Mazuruni area in Guyana. Compilation of geological reports and managing teams to carry out exploration work.

Mahdia Gold Corp
Supervising Geologist
As supervising Geologist, i carried the mantle of managing the geological department of Mahdia Gold Corp on the famous Omai property. Logging of drill cores, prospecting, mapping of geological structures, coordinating and overseeing the alluvial mining operations, executing pit sampling program, design work internship work programs for students from the University of Guyana were some of the many duties undertaken, most importantly submission of weekly operation’s progress report to Project Geologist and board of directors.

Rudolph Sam
Chief Engineer
Machinery Corporation (Macorp) 1998 to 2004 (Power Generation Technician /Field
Service Technician.
Stockdale Mining Company 2003 to 2004 (Mechanical Supervisor)
Sacre — Coeur Minerals Inc. 2004 to 2008 (Logistics Manager /Chief Mechanic)
Responsible for leading and managing all mine planning activities (planning, scheduling, tracking) to achieve operational goals while continuously improving processes. The primary focus was to generate new pit designs, waste dumps, haul roads and other mining infrastructure, while monitoring mining performance with a view of constant improvement on safety, quality and cost.

Radesh Nabiyah
Lead Driller
GUYANA and SURINAME – 1995 TO 1999.
Full operation and maintenance of core drills and multi-directional drills.
Photograph core.
Manual handling of sample material. Palletize core; load and unload core boxes.
Mark sampling intervals; measure RQD, specific gravity, and point load.
Select geomechanical samples (uniaxial, direct shear); wrap and mark samples.
Captures geomechanical data; enters it into forms/spreadsheets/databases.
Prepares samples for analysis using appropriate techniques.
Performs sample preparation for quality control program.
Assists with department administrative functions and processes.
Split or saw core; weigh samples.
Generate/place bar codes and scan for dispatch to the lab.
Safe operation of forklift.
Validation of daily drill progress; Driller’s daily log entry/capture.
Transport sample material (core, pulps) between processing areas and storage.
Housekeeping and other duties as assigned.

Media Team

Nigel Samayah

Editor in Chief

Nigel Samayah has been educated by Sheridian College in Media Arts. He specializes in many aspects of Film & Television production and has worked on different projects as a director, editor, sound engineer, VFX artist and camera operator. For the last 5 years he has worked on various projects under his production company Rated N Studios. As a director he delivers a high quality product while meeting his client’s budget and goals

Kevin Gayle

Field Director/Sound Engineer

Kevin Gayle has been able to take his passion for media combined with being a graduate at Cenntenial College of International Business to his years of experience within the media, travel and business industries. As dedicated entrepreneur, artist, and hospitality specialist he has had the chance to work locally and abroad visualizing the perspectives of others and helping to bring the vision and rare sound signature to each project he has been involved in.
Raj Ramawad

Field Director/Logistics

Raj Ramawad went to Sheridan College where he majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting.  The skills achieved during his program at Sheridan allowed him to apply these skills in many industries for accounting purposes.  Most recently, he has been working in the entertainment industry working on many projects dealing with budgets, cost reporting and being the liaison between founders and producers keeping costs within the budget.  Raj is no stranger to the entertainment industry being apart of screen and behind camera situations, has allowed him to be apart of Rated N studios and work as a camera man, director and producer on various projects.