Social Responsibilitiy

Cuyuni Gold intends to focus on its image throughout the introductory stage of this project. Building the brand will help to gain the necessary creditability that it will need in order to increase its social awareness. One of the company’s strategies in order to build community trust is through opening its first charity, “Keep Guyana Clean”. This charity is engineered to create an ongoing waste removal program to help the country’s environment and vision for the future. Beginning in Georgetown Guyana, Cuyuni Gold will add more waste containers and launch Guyana’s first recycling program beginning with plastics and cans. The “Keep Guyana Clean” charity will also host various campaigns around the country to bring awareness to the charity including monthly clean-up days, painting days and other charitable events focusing on areas of Guyana that need the most help. The mission for the “Keep Guyana Clean” campaign is to encourage foreign investment by showing the World that Guyana is a clean and safe place to do business in. By cleaning up Guyana on a continual basis we are looking to elevate the minds of the Guyanese people so that they can have a better outlook on their country and can focus their energies on bettering themselves and the economy. Cuyuni Gold will continue to promote positive events as its forefront to branding equity in Guyana.