Tailings Project


Gold is currently valued at $1,270 USD per troy ounce. With gold prices trending upwards over the long term there has never been a more exciting time to invest in the gold industry. Gold for the past decades has remained the most stable investment available; dating back more than 15 years ago when gold was only $300 per ounce. In the coming years gold is projected to exceed $1,500 per troy ounce and will eventually go up as high as $2,000/troy ounce. This is why we have fully committed ourselves to succeed in making Cuyuni River Resources a leader in the South American gold mining industry within the next 5 years.

We will cautiously start the construction of our first alluvial mining site in March 2015 with a target completion date of May 2015. The Cuyuni region of  Guyana has been chosen as the first mining site due to the fact that gold mining has been ongoing in this area since the early 1800’s and has been knows as one of the gold centers in the country. The properties are owned and previously mined by one of Guyana’s top surface miners where he has been said to have mined over 150 000 ounces. This area of Cuyuni is referred to as the Quartzstone region, where hard rock drilling has been performed on what could be the original source totaling over one million ounces so far identified. Over 25 km sq of tailings within this region have been outlined. It has been a known fact that approximately 1/3 of the material is ever recovered by local Guyanese surface mining operations, leaving 2/3 of gold rich minerals in the tailings.

We are looking to introduce the world renown FLSmidth Knelson concentrator with full washplant for scrubbing and finishing tables to refine gold for sale. This system is optimal for fine gold recovery.

The organization is seeking a financial investment of $500 000 from various private entities who are interested in investing in the Gold Mining Industry.

It is expected and projected that capitalization would be back in 12 months or less from initial operation of the plant and that the company’s debt would be nil by then. Sales revenue would reach more than $,10, 000,000 in 3 years.  Please inquire to receive our full business plan to further understand the business opportunity and how as an investor is generally able to capitalize and capture a higher Return on Investment (ROI)